My Background


I have been playing the piano,  teaching early childhood music, and singing for over 30 years, both professionally and as a volunteer.  I have continued my professional development with multiple years of Suzuki training in both piano and  early childhood education.  My years as a Suzuki violin parent and as administrator of a Suzuki school give me a firm grip on all sides of the Suzuki experience, allowing me to guide families down the most successful path to the best possible outcome.

Sharing my Passion


I love music because there's something in it for everyone; whether you sing, play, compose, or conduct. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning! Additionally, along with world-renowned cellist, Pablo Casals, I am a strong believer that music can save the world. It will happen when we start nurturing our families - training parents to observe and understand their children's behaviors; and fostering a love of learning in our children - teaching them to value process over product: showing them that the reward for studying anything is the self-confidence and pride in mastery.

My Classes


I offer both monthly group and weekly private piano lessons  for children and adults, as well as voice lessons for both.  Our focus in the beginning will be on form and technique, using a time-tested format and readily available repertoire.  If you're unsure about which level is appropriate for you or your child, I offer placement assessments that are too much fun to ever feel like an exam, so don't be afraid to give it a try.